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While the task of installing audio products in today's hi-tech vehicles can be daunting to say the least, Rockford has developed a variety of vehicle integration products that make the job a little easier. If you are trying to simply integrate an amplifier to drive that new Rockford woofer, we offer a number of signal converters and line driver devices to get the right signal to your amp. If you're taking your system to that next level and really want to dial it in, then you need to look at our 3Sixty.3 signal processor. With its input and output flexibility and processing capabilities, the 3Sixty.3 processor can take your audio system from pretty good to concert-worthy in no time.

Many of the design innovations that we've developed over the years, from how to deal with heat to maximizing the efficiency of the power supply, have made their way into the Prime amps. This has allowed us to create a line that is not only high quality but also affordable.


Prime Amplifiers

Our Power compact chassis amplifiers take both the elements of the full-size models and our latest technologies, creating a smaller footprint design without sacrificing power or performance. Using our proven Class ad, bd and br circuits allow the amplifiers to be over 40% smaller while producing more power than comparable full-size models.


Power Compact Chassis

Building on the legacy of when the first Punch amp was introduced, we completely redesigned the series with a sleek new style, thanks to our cast aluminum chassis with brushed finish and stealth top mount controls. Also, our onboard C.L.E.A.N. setup circuit tells you if and when your music is distorting, simplifies the setup of the amp and gets you listening to your music that much sooner.


Punch Amplifiers

Rockford engineers designed our Power series Class ad and bd amplifiers to deliver unprecedented power capability and performance. Combine that with our Constant Power Circuit Technology and these amplifiers produce more power when you want it at the frequencies you need it most.


Power Full Chassis Amplifiers

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